Shhhh, don’t anybody mention summer!

If you say it, it’ll hear you and then it’ll go away, so shhhhhh!


It’s been nice though, hasn’t it? I mean, not so much while Nik and El were away (nice for them; less so for me!), but the last few days have been… well, I’m not going to say it but you know what I’m saying!

We’ve taken advantage of the weather to get some decent hours in on the van. It’s so frustratingly close yet so far away and sometimes, when we’ve spent ages wiring or laying pipes, you just look back at the van and wonder what on earth we just spent hours doing!

Fitting the water tanks felt a bit like that. Huge job, with Nik under the van placing and drilling and bolting and moving; trying to work out how on earth to accommodate the water filler pipe (which has ended up coming through the wardrobe!) and where to bring pipes up and (waste) pipes down.

underslung water and waste tanks

The 2 custom-fit tanks (from CAK Tanks) are designed specifically to fit under the Fiat Ducato but that doesn’t mean they are easy to fit or make it simple to plan your pipework!


This lot all had to fit under the floors and/or through the floor level channels along the sides of the van. No mean feat!


Took a while but we eventually figures what, where, how and why!


And after a zillion different options, we eventually routed the water filler through the built-in storage/wardrobe area of the van.

That seems easy compared to the trials we are having with the gas tank filler!

We also have an underslung LPG tank, with custom fittings for the Fiat Ducato, which Nik has fitted expertly under the van. That, it turns out, was the simple bit. We’re yet to decide on a suitable location for the filler…watch this space! I’ll post photos of the fitted tank etc when we’ve sorted it too.

We did manage to fit the water heater though. That meant first cutting yet another hole in the van walls.


The tank then fits from the outside and is fitted with a vent/exhaust cover (the position of which is giving us grief when trying to position the gas filler!)

The heater itself is fitted within the seat box though so it’s well accommodated inside. The water pump will fit below it and the provisional plumbing pipework is coming on quite well there.


It’s getting busy in that there seat box. The battery also sits in the left hand side of it but it was moved to make lifting the seat unit in and out easier.

We’re hoping to get some decent hours in on it this weekend too… while the weather is…you know!

So, Nik and El’s holiday.

Oh wait, it wasn’t a holiday, so I keep being told. Eliot was “going home” and Nik was “going to the MotoGP and then killing time until he could come home”.

Yeh right. Not fooling anyone there! They enjoyed it anyway. Lots of sun, some sea (they went kayaking) and many ice creams.

Alright for some, eh?

13076802_10153610884248526_6001058987766068894_n 13103440_10153610884148526_497158707833837638_n

I find it difficult looking at some of the photos of town actually. It’s too close for me. I know nobody really thinks I’m affected by not being there but…anyways… let’s not.

So, apart from that, what’s cooking?

Not much (well, apart from the bread in the oven that is to have with lasagna for dinner!)

Jake did his CBT and has been commuting himself to and from work on his GTR50. We’ve had to fix a few things on it but he likes it. He just wishes it was faster. Isn’t that just typical of any bloke and any bike ever?!

That’s it really. Work, school, (holiday!) and van. Not a lot else going on for the time being.

Let’s just enjoy the sunshine!


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