It’s all looking a bit grey ’round here

And I’m not (yet) talking about the weather.


Both bunk sides are covered now.
Both bunk sides are covered now.

The back end of the van is coming on nicely. Obviously, we’ve a storage unit to building under the bottom bunk but that back end is a nice boost when the front end tries to convince us we’ve still a long way to go!

It’s all a matter of insulating and covering for that back third of the van really and, once we’ve done routing the water pipes, the walls for the wardrobe and bathroom can go back in (remember those?!)

A quick recap!
A quick recap of the wardrobe/bathroom side of the van!

To the left, the storage/wardrobe (which now accommodates that water filler hose too) and then, obviously, the bathroom minus its front wall (yet to be built!)
It seems like a long time since it looked like this!

Now, apart from fitting the gas connections, it’s mostly prepping for final finishes, such as insulating walls, and rasping and sanding any woodwork that needs felt covering. Such as the beds.

What the un-prepped wood looked like...
What the un-prepped wood looked like…
After rasping...
After rasping to round off the harsh corners and edges…
After sanding to make the finish a bit more felt-friendly…
Cut felt to size and spray glue on!
It even stretched quite nicely into the cut-out for the internal handle for the back door.
It even stretched quite nicely into the cut-out for the internal handle for the back door.

I’m quite pleased with the end result. The felt is actually quite hard to work with though. It’s tough to cut (and wrecks the blades quickly) and its stretch is both a blessing and a curse: when you’re trying to lay along a straight line and DON’T want to stretch, it’s difficult!
Still, it’s getting easier the more we do and there’s still plenty to do!

What else has gone on?

Jake has got exams upcoming so he’s just finishing off his courses in time to do some final revision and mock exams beforehand. It’s cutting it a bit close but I think he’ll be OK. As long as he realises he needs to knuckle down.
But he’s a teen, so who knows?!

Work is busy.
Busy is good (of course), but it is hampering our efforts to get stuff done anywhere other than in the office during the sunshiney daytime! However, we cannot complain about busy because busy is mortgage paid and food on the table.

It’s not long since I updated really, so not much else has happened.

We spent Sunday enjoying the weather round at my Mum’s, clearing her garden and noshing on BBQ. As the weather is due to change, it was a nice opportunity to be out in it.

Hopefully the upcoming non-summery/spring-like weather is just a blip and we’ll be back to working on the van in the sun again very soon.

You never know, we might even finish it before the Dutch… German… British MotoGP…  end of the year…

I have my optimist’s hat on!



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