So soon! Another quick update before the busy week starts.

I know this week will be hectic, and I doubt we’ll get chance to get back out to the van until next weekend…and that’s a MotoGP weekend…so who knows when we’ll next do enough of anything to be worthy of a blog update!
Maybe after Jake’s exams.
Anyway, today’s weather was kind so we did a full day, from about 9am until 5pm, on the van.
We had several jobs in mind and most of them we got through. We’ve kind of reached the stage where we have lots of stuff to do now but none of it is huge, so we end up doing lots of things over the course of a day.
Today started with finishing off the underside of the overhead lockers, then we made a big move to sort out the inside of the side sliding door.
It’s been completely neglected (up until I insulated it yesterday) because it’s always open and well, out of sight out of mind ‘n’ all that!
So, after a while deliberating over how we were going to do it, we decided to felt cover the top portion, sides and bottom edge, and use a piece of ply-reinforced wallboard on the removable panel (so we can maintain the central locking if needed)
The sliding door with the top portion felt-covered.
The sliding door with the top portion felt-covered.

It really does make it look like we’ve done nothing to this van from this angle!!

Sliding door with the rest of the felt covering and the removable panel
Sliding door with the rest of the felt covering and the removable panel done in the wall board.

Now that’s done, we can open it again and use it for access! It also meant we could put back in the bunk beds and start working on getting those finally fitted, along with all the walls on the bathroom side of the van.

We fixed in the bunks (for good – yay!) and trimmed down all 3 walls on the wardrobe/bathroom side of the van so they fitted again (they used to fit; then we covered the ceiling!). Once they were all fitting in nicely, I felt-covered the bed side of the wardrobe wall and Nik fixed it in (for good – yay!) with angle brackets into the floor and ceiling, and some long screws into the bed frame.

Then we got the top bunk reading light and 5V USB charging point fitted and wired in.

Top bunk essentials
Top bunk essentials
Let there be light!
Let there be light!

The back end of the van is really coming together and, along with seeing one side of the van all wall-covered and done, it’s finally becoming possible to actually visualise the end result and it’s AWESOME!

Several kitchen niggly jobs were also tackled today. The kitchen unit’s back edge was trimmed in places to fit more flush to the covered and trimmed walls, and the fridge flue vent was cut into the outside of the van.

There are a LOT of holes behind that there fridge!
There are a LOT of holes behind that there fridge!

There are now officially NO more holes to be cut into the outside of the van! But shhhhh, don’t say it too loud!

We can seal in the fridge unit (once the gas has been plumbed) and that should work all hunky dory. Yay!
There’s a shelf that fits above the fridge which will help provide an all-round frame to room-seal the area and help it (hopefully!) work efficiently. That same shelf also provides the barrier between fridge and cutlery drawer (which is removable, along with the shelf, for access to the top of the fridge, if required).

I think that’s about all (ha!) we did today. It probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a fair number of things marked off the checklist. We’re gradually working our way towards the front of the van, so next we’ll do the wardrobe and the kitchen unit shelves before moving on to our next big challenge: the bathroom!




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