Yeh, so it’s pretty much work, van, sleep, work, van, sleep, repeat!

It’s sooooo close now that even I can see it (and, unlike Nik, I’ve been in denial about the proximity of completion for months!)It’s starts to feel real when the carpet goes down.
That’s right: carpet!But let’s backtrack a bit.

Last weekend was spent mostly trying to construct a bathroom. We had side walls but no front (hallway) wall so that needed building and installing, as well as the waterproof shower board which needed fixing up.


Plumbing was debated quite a lot and it was decided that our corner sink, small as it was,  was too big for our little wet room so we bit the bullet and ordered a tip-up sink unit. We’d contemplated it earlier in the project but they don’t come cheap.

In a campervan, however, NO additional space comes cheap!

We also then had to re-think how and where to fit the new sink and the taps, which were originally fitted into the worktop with the corner sink.


So a box was made in which to locate the taps outside of the fold-up sink so it could be used both to fill the sink or, with the sink folded away, to shower.

As it stands, the bathroom now only really needs a shower tray building and then fully sealing.

That’ll be fun!


The front wall was added and silver boarded to match the rest of the van interior (silver for interior fittings/furniture, textured cream fleck for walls)

13509030_10153541608766126_673459469045229990_n 13532984_10153546397261126_1129733356097736505_n

Nik also built, from scratch, a very impressive unit to make up the last piece of additional furniture in the van. We had always planned to put storage here but didn’t make it or plan it at all until we’d been using the van entrance with the L-shaped seat/bed units in for a while. It helped because we then decided not to encroach on the entrance area at all and angle off the corner to open up the hallway area a bit.

He is clever my man!

There’s been a lot of trimming done this week too.

13516712_10153546397516126_6974376327970832740_n 13512231_10153546397436126_4474782158983990323_n

The sink and hob both got their seals ordered and fitted. They’d both come (second hand) with their original trims but I couldn’t clean them up satisfactorily. The originals are cream but I could only get black as replacements. Fortunately, black works for us!

A start was made on the section above the main sliding door too. It’s a tricky area to cover and there’s been much discussion over felt vs board or a combination of the two. Nik decided he’d prefer board (he’s the one making it so it’s his decision!) and it’s still a work in progress (many templates later!)

TV bracket for our 12V television.
TV bracket for our 12V television.
The start of the section above the sliding door
The start of the section above the sliding door

We’ve also been 3D printing bits and pieces. We have a few doors in the van which don’t have space to accommodate handles so we (aka Nik) improvised and printed some finger hole handles which glue in to a drilled hole and have caps on the inside.

One of the doors which doesn't have space for a handle
One of the doors which doesn’t have space for a handle
3D printed handle in place
3D printed handle in place

There are a couple more places where we’re using these handles too. In the storage space under the beds, we made a pull-out step storage so the boys can climb up to the bunks.

The box snugly under the bed and still space for a drawer above it
The box snugly under the bed and still space for a drawer above it

This is the point at which we realised we really needed to fit carpet!

This box slides in and out, and we couldn’t begin to put in the drawer without having definite heights which would be dictated by the carpet. So, we headed into town and picked up an offcut!

£20. Bargain!

To avoid messing up, a full floor template was made first.
To avoid messing up, a full floor template was made first.
Then the template was drawn on to the reverse of the carpet
Then the template was drawn on to the reverse of the carpet
Ta-da! Carpet!
Ta-da! Carpet!


Carpet was also added to the top of the box step…


…which opens to reveal oodles of (probably) kitchen storage for larger items (cereals and suchlike)

So yeah. Apart from work and the van (and we most certainly will NOT talk about THAT referendum!), we’ve been kept pretty busy.

Even more so this Monday when not only did we have to take the car to the garage to fix a water leak (it was booked in for Wednesday but the problem had got significantly worse over the weekend) and then our main work laptop died. Fortunately, that’s under warranty still but it’s still a week without it (and using a backup laptop which is far from ideal) in the meantime.

The car however. That will be costly.

This year’s been a bit rubbish really.

But hey, there’s always the van…

And I did find 5p on the floor today so there’s that!


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